Best things to do in lockdown

10 Best things to do in lockdown

1. Workout regularly

No doubt this is the right time to focus on your fitness. Some may be worried about how to start. Go and set your fitness goals. Prepare a schedule for it. Make it a routine. Even after lockdown don’t leave it.


2. Make your home a millionaire's office​

There are several online platforms in which you can run business. Maybe you have been a dream for it for a long time,.This is the right time for it. Study different online platforms in which you can make money and start it. Make sure an entrepreneur is coming out after lockdown.

3. Write your own way

Some may have immense potential for writing. Wake up your creative mind. Start writing for ebooks,films, novels, poems, etc. After lockdown you will have a hobby determines your future.

4. Blog with passion

Blogging is the best way to outreach your ideas, your existing business, and thoughts to the world. Start a website write blogs on it. Also, you can work on the marketing side of the website to get more reach and earn money.

5. Invest on yourself

Learn new things utilizing online resources. Gain new knowledge which can up-skill your talents. Learning a new language, a new course, or a new skill. Now everything is under your fingertips.Make it utilized to a maximum extent.Start a new hobby.

6. Have some guts to say no

You might have some bad habits associated with your lifestyle tried very much to quit but not happened. If you have self-love,then this is the time to quit it.

7. Smartphone the main time killer

Scrolling other’s success stories on Instagram and Facebook does not make you a successful person. Try to explore yourself. Make your stories visible on social media platforms posted by some others.

8. Be a time machine

Plan your future. Where do you stand after 2 years?.
This is the time for the real realization of what you are. You may feel you are wasting your entire life doing nothing. It’s not the time for panic its the time to change the plan. Make a new decision which can be a gamechanger.

9. Eat as well as cook

Be a regular visitor to the kitchen and give a helping hand to those who cook in the kitchen. Think of a situation where you need to cook. This will bring an asset to you. Be a master chef!

10. Value your family relations

Watch movies with the family. Play carom board, chess, card games, etc. Sure their emotions will make you happy. Spent time with family and make it a space for healthy discussions.

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