sleep and importance

Why you should take good sleep​

“A good race requires a good start.”

Do you have a good start today?

Sleeping is very much related to health and daily activities.Imagine you had a good sleep and starting the day with good decisions. Sometimes sleepy eyes can pull out you from achieving your daily goals.

Benefits of sleeping


1. Start your day with good mood

You will achieve a behavior of how to maintain positive attitude towards life and also mind will be controllable and reasonable.

Good sleep will act as a mood setter.

You will gain more focus and attention on your daily activities.

2. Reduce daily stress

Lack of sleep elevate level of stress hormones, which may leads to depression.Proper sleep suppress the depression

Around 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression across world

Proper sleep will make you get rid of depression associated with sleeping disorder.


3. Will maintain your Health

Reduce your chances of diabetes and helps to keep your heart healthy.Also sleep directly related with body weights.

Maintain our body metabolism.

Reduce chances of strokes and cardiac arrest.

4. Improves your productivity

Good sleep will make your entire day productive.You will keep confidence without winking eyes to problems.

An outcome of a day depends on how we use the day to the extent.For that sleep has a vital role.

5. Control emotions and social interactions

Lack of sleep make you socially backward.

Also it will make you introvert in everything.Because you lack confidence.

Everyone like to be in limelight,it will be possible when you are socially active

How to overcome sleeping issues

1.Ensure a self timetable - to and fro to bed

Not every machine can run for hours” Everyone has a circadian rhythm for life.We must keep an in and out time for sleep.​​

2.Limit Coffee usage during night

Caffine present in coffee can stimulate your nervous system and can affect the natural relaxation process.

3. Exposure to bright light during day

“Make external environment as your clock”Natural mood setter can be generated.Be in touch with external environment.​

4.Reduce blue light exposure in the night

Blue light exposure in the night because it will leads to think us that day has not been over.You can download application for protection from blue light emission 

5.Control alcohol use

Alcohol can trigger hormonal imbalance on blood which will affect normal sleeping mentality.​

6.Try to sleep for 6-7 hours, whether it is weekends or holidays.

“Adding more sugar to tea is not good”.Everything is to be balanced.Use your free time for something else not for nothing(sleep)​

Make your bedroom sleeping pill

sleeping-bed-morning-neat bedroom

Make your bedroom lullaby for you.We all had special attention on keeping our bedroom nice and tidy.Yeah! It’s the only place we are getting some amount of peace.

Redesign the bedroom

  • Bedroom environment should be clean and neat
  • Ensure good favourable fragrance
  • Furniture should be properly arranged
  • Better not to make bedroom too conjested

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