Don’t start your home workouts without warm-up. Because you need to make your body prepared for the workout. Otherwise, there are chances to get injuries.You can check dynamic warm ups here.

First of all, we need to make our joints ready to workout. Rotating and twisting stiff joints can trigger our mindset to workout. Most importantly if we didn’t do this, there may be chances of joints pains. However, lack of warm-up and stretching may lead to ligament fracture too. Therefore you must be very much keen on stretching and warm-up before work out.

You can try out this..

Joints will show increased mobility after this routine. Muscles will gain extra elasticity. In other words range of motion for muscles will be better. Blood circulation will be better. Meanwhile, the body will have good oxygen efficiency.

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.”

Benefits of warm-up before workout

* Prepares your body for the workout

* A warm-up can reduce the risk of injuries while workout

* Increase body flexibility

* Increase Body Temperature Prior To Exercise

* Boost your workout performance

* Prepares heart for strenuous activity

* Body muscles will stretch properly

* Mentally prepare the body for stress full activities

* Good oxygen efficiency for the body

 Best Workouts you can try at home

You may wonder how we can make our home to a gym without costly equipment. The truth is we can keep our fitness using our bodyweight exercises. There are hundreds of workouts you can try out at home. Whether it may be size gaining, getting lean, cardio, strengthening exercises, core workouts, you can pursue any type of variable workouts at home. What you need is only your willingness to challenge yourself.

Standing Lunges

  1. Maintain balance of body
  2. Strengthen lower back muscles.
  3. Stretch tight hip flexor.
  4. Strengthen core muscles.

Jumbing Squat

  1. Strengthen both the lower and upper parts of the body.
  2. Burn More Calories.
  3. Increase your reflex.
  4. Body balance.

Push ups

  1. Strengthen the upper body.
  2. Triggers triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders.
  3. Strengthen lower back.
  4. Core also get engagement.

Air squats

  1. Activates thighs, hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and glutes.
  2. Better lower body stability.
  3. Core strength.
  4. Muscle development 

High Knees

  1. Burns belly fat
  2. Core gets strength.
  3. Strengthen legs

Russian twist

  1. Strengthen core muscles
  2. Abs get squeezed.
  3. Hip muscles get activated.
  4. Also, shoulder muscles get to stretch.


  1. Strengthens spine
  2. Strengthens your lower and upper back
  3. Core strength.


  1. Strengthens  pelvic girdle to your shoulder girdle area
  2. Strengthens your spine, rhomboids and trapezius
  3. Core strength

Side plank 

  1. Strengthens the oblique abdominal muscles
  2. Strengthens Arms and Wrists
  3.  Balance and concentration for body


  1. Makes your lower body engaged
  2. Strengthens chest, triceps, shoulders
  3. Strengthens  hip flexors & quadriceps

Chair Dips

  1. Strengthens spine
  2. Strengthens your lower and upper back
  3. Core strength.

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