How to develop a good meeting in 2020

Best meeting strategies 2020

1. Ensure the goal of meeting

Don’t set the goal while meeting. Set the goal before meeting. Your meeting should be goal oriented.

2. Start on time & End on Time

Good timings make the meeting valuable for all. If you set a time for ending and continuing after the specified time, it can make the meeting disruptive. Sure everyone may be thinking of ” when will this moron will end”. Be ethical on timings.

3. Meeting should have a clear propaganda

The majority of times meetings don’t get 100% results. Meetings without results are a waste of time. A meeting must solve some of the issues. Otherwise, it will go vain.

4. Come to the point quickly

 Revolve around the topic of meeting from the start.Wandering about other things make meeting boring from starting onwards.

5. Don’t try to give a lecture 

Today setting a meeting in lecture mode is something boring. Your down lines always have an image of what you are going to give them because of previous experiences. Giving changes to it always make every meeting novel. Don’t allow them to expect the way the meeting will go. Make meetings filled with something exciting always.

6. Make it interactive not ideal

Give respect and take respect. Don’t consider meeting to be done in a monopoly way. Everyone likes to be in a democratic way. It’s proud saying I am a kingmaker rather than I am the king.

7. Give praise for work in public

Praise can make someone happier than an appraisal. Respect one’s decision if it’s wrong or right. Giving attention makes him valuable for the system.

8. Don’t over exaggerate  before  meeting.

Fake exaggeration for the sake of attention is like something cheating. Sometimes expectation makes desperate.

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